You may have a long list of items to start a small retail business, such as pricing guns, signage, shopping bags, and others. Thermal printer paper is another important thing you may have missed.

The Pointofsale Zebra Labels QuickBooks POS Paper is the paper most receipts and bills are printed on. Every time you visit the grocery store or any clothing store you like, a thermal printer shoots out a receipt which has the details about your purchases. Simply look at the shiny and smooth appearance of the paper; you can see the difference from the regular paper.

As the name suggests, thermal paper needs a heat transfer to work on. The printer head heats up when it is used. According to the numbers or words to be printed, some pixels are heated on the printer head. The heat passes through the back of ribbon. The waxy substance on the ribbon melts on the paper.

Obviously, it happens almost quickly and makes the printing process faster and efficient. It is also important to keep in mind that thermal printers don’t use ink. Ribbon also has either wax, resin or a mixture of wax and resin. It ensures huge savings as you never need to buy rollers or ink ribbons.

Thermal paper is available in different sizes and it is used for various purposes. Width of most of the thermal rolls is ranging from 1.5” to 4 9/32”. These rolls are then used for POS transactions, credit card receipts and fax paper.